A Guide to Website Analytics

Our website analytics guide aims to provide guidelines about what web analytics is, why it is importan, how it works and how to put a data measurement strategy in use for your website.

What is Web Analytics

Website analytics, or web analytics, is the measurement, data analysis and data reporting related to website performance. Website analytics focuses on website visitor aquisition, (website traffic), visitor engagement and conversions in order to draw insights and make decisions about improving website effecitveness, content and marketing. Web analytics is a business strategy that can assist in business success through the website.

website analytics

Why are web analytics important

Web analytics is a very important part of your website strategy since it provides insights into the effectiveness of a business website including paid media advertizing, email protion and website content. Every website has business objectives that aim to improve and increase brand awareness, sales and leads. Measuring the performance of any website activity and promition is crucial to understanding customers and audiences to make informed desions on how the website can work better. Or how to improve audience targetting with digital marketing campaigns.

How web analytics work

Most analytics tools use JavaScript code that is placed on all pages of the website. This “tag” of code sends data to the analytics tool and counts each time a visitor comes to the website and visits a page. This code also collects information related to the visitor device, browser, location, acquisition channel, behavior on website and content engagement. Web analytics tools also use cookies and can determine repeat visits from the same browser.

Website Analytics vs Digital Analytics

Web Analytics is part of Digital analytics. Digital Analytics analyses data from all digital channels including the website, mobile applications and various digital platforms. Digital analytics provides insights that can help digital marketers provide better online experience for their clients and improve current business marketing operations.

Website Analytics vs Data Analytics

While website analytics refers to data related to a website, data analytics refers to the analysis of any data that may or may not be related to website or digitial marketing performance. Data analytics may refer to fnance, population, healthcare and any other types of data.

Website Analytics vs Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is a broader business strategy than web analytics and comprises the processes and technologies used by marketers to evaluate the success of any marketing initiative, even beyond digital marketing of the website. Marketing analytics uses business metrics including marketing attribution, return on investment, ROI and overall marketing effectiveness.

Website Analytics vs Google Analytics

Website analytics is a business strategy to measure website performance while Google Analytics is a tool used in web analytics for data collecting and measurement. Google Analytics provides reports related to digital marketing acquisition, visitor behavior and engagement.

How we can help with website analytics

Google Analytic and Google Tag Manager Consulting

We have over a decade experience with websit analytics. Our experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is very diverse and our passion for data measurement is very deep. Here is how we can help:

  1. Google Analytics Audit
  2. GA4 Migration
  3. Google Tag Manager Audit
  4. Google Tag Manager migration
  5. Conversion set up
  6. Tag implementation
  7. Consent Management Platform via Google Tag Manager

Website Performance Dashboards

We spend a lot of time creating dashboards, designing presentations and building reports in various different platforms. Here is how we can help:

  1. Website Performance Dashboard design
  2. Data insights and analysis
  3. Presentation design
  4. Regular reporting
  5. Data storytelling
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